Get Online Apple iPad Covers With Huge Discounts

Find all tablet covers like PTron flip covers, PTron rotating covers, smart covers and various types of PTron cables for Apple iPads.

Apple iPad 2 3 4 Covers

Covers for iPad 2 3 4 are unique and comes with very elegantly designed cases. The all-time favorite rotating cases not only look chic but has multiple functionality. It covers the iPad completely with a cool logo port. It can be kept as a standy cover, rotating in whichever angle suitable to you. These apple ipad cases are All-in-One cover that comes in all the best shades possible.

iPad 2 3 4 Smart Covers are truly smart and very fashionable. It can be best used by professionals. Crazy cases are the craziest covers that one can come across. It can be twisted and turned at whatever angle possible for the user’s convenience.

Get Latest iPad Mini 1 2 3 Covers

You will find smart covers, rotating covers, printed back covers and also crazy cases for iPad Mini2/3 tablets.

iPad Air 5 Covers

This Apple tablet is thin and very elegant, hence the cases for iPad Air are accordingly. We have huge collection of variety cases like back covers, rotating cases, smart covers and crazy covers in almost all the demanded shades. Price for these begins from Rs 299.

iPad Air 2 Covers

Although iPad Air 2 caters to a very niche crowd but the accessory collection that we store for the product is very wide. The covers for iPad Air 2 adds style and protection. It is easily accessible and very fashionable.

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