Apple cables:

The cables made by apple have some guaranteed quality control. The cables are fast at charging and syncing data. The cable has a processor that can tell which way you have plugged it in. Apple has a unique way of identifying which cables are faulty and which ones are authentic.  Mac will not accept a connection from a faulty cable. Only MFI certified accessories are supported by Apple products.  MFI is the short name of ‘Made for iPod, I- phone , I-pad’  It’s a program from Apple to confirm and certify that cables are built to the standards of the Apple Original cables, which means that the cable will be able to sync up with the device and will be able to perform same speed charging.

The cables are researched, studied, tested and produced to be at the ideal length the apple charging cable is the perfect length for use on a desk, and just good enough for use with a wall socket. Apple sells both, 5 meter, and a two meter length. It’s easy to carry in a bag; you don’t have to spend time winding or unwinding it or spending time untangling it. It won’t even take a lot of area on your desk.  It is long enough to reach from an outlet to the nearest piece of furniture or from the wall power outlet behind your bedside table to your bedside or your kitchen counter power outlet to a spot on the counter.  It's long enough to reach an outlet and short enough to roll up for travel. The apples cables are mostly white in color and are made up of high quality plastic that adds to its durability.

n order to keep your apple cables to last longer, clean them on a regular basis, never try to force the connect, keep them in a box, prevent it from bending by inserting a spin at the very end of the charging cable, and don’t play around with them. You can also tape the edges; this will make your cables last way longer.

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