The android cables are compatible with the new smart TVs that are there in the market. It helps you phone to connect with the smart TV and you can watch your favorite videos and films on a much bigger screen than your phone. The connectors at the both ends are built in order to avoid corrosions or deterioration and this gives a type of guarantee that the android cables will last for a long period in comparisons with the other types of chargers or cables.

The android cables are designed and produce in many different and stylish way and are available in various length. The android cables are designed in such a way that it attracts the consumers and allows the users to plug from either side or this help in reducing the possibility of damaging your cables. The companies and the manufactures are giving importance not only for charging the phone but also linking the devices in order to transfer the data easily from your smart phones to your computers and laptops.

The android cables are designed in different sizes such as 3 feet, 5 feet, etc. Most of the android cables are also coming with angled micro USB connectors and this makes it easy to connect with the different smart gadgets easily. Now days the android cables are coming in varieties of different colors such as white, black, blue, etc. Most of the android cables are covered with polyurethane shell which gives it extra protections from getting damage easily. Now you can easily charge your smart phones, tablets and others smart gadgets without worrying about the knots and tangle. The cables supports the 2.1A charging rates and can easily be used with any USB port on your laptop, computer, charging adapters, etc. It allows you in sync your data between your laptop and smart phones. The stylish designed and light weighted android cables are easily can be carried away easily and it takes little space in your hand bags and pockets. So you don’t have to worry about how to carry it.

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